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High Speed Wireless Internet

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About Utopian Wireless

Founded in 2006, Utopian Wireless was created upon the premise that rural and suburban communities, like their urban counterparts, should have access to the fastest wireless broadband services.  Utopian Wireless focuses on building wireless networks in second through fifth tier markets where consumers are currently underserved by broadband service providers.  By utilizing otherwise unused spectrum in the prime 2.5GHz range, Utopian Wireless is building community 4G networks capable of providing reliable, portable Internet broadband connectivity of up to 100 mbps at reasonable rates.

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Utopian Wireless focuses on building community networks primarily in second through fifth tier markets.  These include communities and towns that other high‑speed Internet service providers have avoided due to low population density.  The service providers have decided it is not worth the sizeable investment in infrastructure to bring broadband access to these areas.  For this reason, many second through fifth tier markets are currently without any broadband services at all, and others are forced to submit to the exorbitantly high rates of their community’s sole source broadband provider.  Utopian Wireless offers consumers living in these areas another broadband access option.

Proposed Service Plans

Utopian Wireless makes available two different service types:

Business Plan Tiers (15-100 Mbps down/5-10 Mbps up): The Business Plan is designed for small to medium sized businesses, or residential users with a major appetite for broadband.  It provides continuous high‑speed Internet access throughout the workplace or home and allows up to 30 standard email addresses for company employees.

Residential Plan Tiers (5-50 Mbps down/3-5 Mbps up): The Residential Plan is ideal for customers who have basic broadband requirements.  The Residential Plan provides customers with 24‑7 high‑speed wireless Internet access.  Simply acquire a Utopian Wireless mifi or desktop modem device, or obtain an outdoor mount antenna if you are out of range of our site for a portable device, and connect all your off the shelf computers, phones and other devices for ultra high speed Internet access anywhere within Utopian Wireless’ geographic service area.


Utopian is committed to providing an open and neutral 4G network to its users. Utopian's network will provide network monitoring, operations, maintenance, and quality of service (QOS) that are consistent with the FCC's August 5, 2005 Internet Policy Statement. Utopian's operational practices will include routinely updating systems to ensure harmful and illegal content site lists are current as identified by the industry. For parents with young children, we suggest sitting down and talking with your children about safe Internet use, and if you deem necessary, consider blocking software. Reviews of such software can be found at


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